maxstephon (maxstephon) wrote,

Selecting Stylish Barn Door Hardware for the Home

If you can’t get the image of a full-sized barn door in your house out of your head, remember that we’re just talking about barn door hardware.  This includes the metal track, braces and rollers that let any type of door (not just oversized red wooden ones) slide to open or close a door. In actuality, this type of door and hardware is not too different from the mechanisms that make any sliding door work. As you’re designing your home, though, barn door fixtures do provide one sizable benefit. Since the hardware is easily purchased by itself, any type of existing door you have can be turned into a sliding door. The hardware most typically is fastened to the top edge of the door, so the door itself doesn’t have to fit into a specific track or railing.
Tags: sliding doors
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