September 26th, 2019

Advantages of a Plastic Media Blasting

One of the advantages of Plastic Media Blasting, or PMB, when it comes to booth design is that there’s no need to build the enclosure from steel. That’s why the Airblast AFC plastic media blast room is constructed from Eurobond Lamella panels with a smooth polyester finish. To know more about it visit here

Know How To Use Big Data In Your Bariatric Surgery Business!

We’ve heard about big data, right? So how do you use big data in your business? Well, the short answer is, you know, you just go buy it, right? But the issue is, there are about 15 billion actions every day that are recorded as part of big data.  So the professionals have come up with a a strategy specifically for a weight loss and for for weight loss surgery for bariatric surgeons. To know more read here -