July 24th, 2019

Choose the Best Interior Design in Philadelphia

Most staging companies offer simple decor. While professionals like R & R Staging and Interior design is a Philadelphia based company offering services to home owners, real estate agents, and developers. Their company likes to spice it up with fun colors and modern accents and their specialists can assist in creating your DREAM HOME! For more information about it visit here https://www.rrstagingdesign.com/


Your Search to Find the Best Grilled Chicken Ends Now!

When you’re looking for a grilled chicken restaurant in Sea Girt, New Jersey, you can take the whole family to and know you are getting a great meal at an affordable price, look no further than the healthy and homey ambiance of La Rosa Chicken and Grill. For more information, Visit https://www.larosagrill.com/sea-girt-nj/


Check Dams – Kiran Nagindas Vora Bringing Water to Those Who Desperately Need It

For several years now, Maharashtra has suffered terrible drought conditions, and just getting drinking water is very difficult. However, thanks to the efforts of people like Kiran Vora, more water is available to some of the villages. It is possible by creating check dams.


Health for the Under Nourished in India – The Need is Great And Backed by Rotarian Kiran Vora

In Maharashtra, over forty percent of the young people are suffering from some kind of malnutrition issue. Rotarians like Kiran Vora have helped with programs like “Health for the Under Nourished,” but more help is needed from others.


Kiran Nagindas Vora Making a Difference Through APNI SHALA

Rotarian Club with help from people like philanthropist Kiran Vora and a project called APNI SHALA made a difference. The program helped the underprivileged young people receive the kind of education which allows them to compete with convent education children.