August 6th, 2018

Digital Advertising Without Facebook & Instagram Is a Cash Crusher

Facebook has dominated the social media world and from the looks of it, isn't going anywhere fast. Search results show that the average Joe and Jolene spend 2+ hours a day on social media – up to 9 hours for a teen. Visit

6 Handy Tips for Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Maintenance, replacement and repairs are all essential to keeping your HVAC unit in excellent running condition. With these services, you can make your unit last longer, lower repair costs and ensure comfort for you and your loved ones. Visit to know more.

The Importance of a Clean Office - Ser-Q-Pro Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining a clean work environment is crucial to keeping your employees happy and healthy—after all, no one wants to do work in an office that’s dirty and cluttered. This article provides some reasons to keep that office spotless. Visit

Sunglasses for Reading Outdoors

If you spend the majority of your days outside in the daylight you may own a good pair of sunglasses. Various professionals can spend their entire day working in the outdoors. They almost always wear shades if possible. They do this to protect their eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. You may have considered getting a good pair of glasses for yourself. A good pair of bifocal polarized sunglasses can go a long way in the defense of your eyesight. To buy a good pair of bifocal polarized sunglasses visit here

Private Yacht Charter Event Planning in Victoria, BC

We welcome you aboard the V2V Family. Together we will create memorable experiences through an inspiring connection of people, places and moments.Our stylish catamaran, the V2V Empress, is available for 2-hour corporate and private event charters in Victoria, BC.To book a private charter, call toll free 1-855-554-4679 or email