June 18th, 2018

Do’s and Don’ts When Shopping Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are as popular today as in the past. They never seem to go out of style, and you have many selections and price ranges too. However, because there are so many choices, it’s easy to make a mistake when you buy. Here are some things to do and things to avoid when shopping. To learn more about it visit here http://blog.itshot.com/dos-and-donts-when-shopping-diamond-earrings/


The Difference Between Polished Concrete And An Epoxy Floor Coating

It may be easy for some to confuse an epoxy floor coating with a polished concrete surface. However, the two are very different flooring options for any Nebraska residential garage floor or commercial property. Learn more about a professionally-installed epoxy floor here: https://granitegaragefloors.com/granite-garage-floors-nebraska


The Top 5 Respectful Reasons to Sell My Used Houston Vehicle

Is your family growing faster than you ever expected it could? Perhaps you have moved and your old car just isn’t right for your new environment. From damaged and wrecked vehicles to cars that are just no longer right for their owners, there are many reasons people consider selling their used vehicles. To Learn more about it visit here https://www.ibuyjunkvehicles.com/5-reasons-sell-used-houston-vehicle/


What Should I Do as the Man?

If you suspect that your wife or girlfriend is pregnant, we want you to know that First Coast Women’s Services has resources that specifically address your needs as a man. They meet with the men individually and can provide you with accurate evidence-based education and practical support. Their men’s program has trained male peer counselors that offer extensive information and support for men facing an unintended pregnancy. To Learn more about them visit here https://fcws.org/resources/what-should-i-do-as-the-man/


You can now edit Google My Business Listings directly from the search results

For those of us that already have a verified business in Google My Business, we have some interesting news. You can now update your business info directly from the Google search engine result page. Please remember that need you to make sure you’re logged in to your Google My Business account. To learn more about editing Google My Business Listings directly from the search results visit here https://marlincs.com/2017/10/19/google-edit-business-listings/