May 30th, 2018

Music Lessons Tailored According To Your Own Pace of Learning

The benefits of learning a musical instrument over a prolonged period of time go beyond just learning the music. Your kids will learn great skills for pursuing any of their life dreams. At Happy Valley Arts Academy each lesson is tailored individually, for the way the student learns best. Visit to know more.

Toronto Guitar Lessons | Guitar Teachers | Learn to Play Guitar

Guitar lessons provide a wonderful opportunity for students to learn the songs they love, learn how to express themselves through this beautiful, portable instrument, and become the life of every party! The guitar is a fascinating instrument that can be played in so many exciting ways. There are many kinds of popular guitar playing styles including classical guitar, the shredding of electric guitar, or the upbeat rhythms of acoustic rock.

Small Businesses Make a Big Impact on Our Economy

Small businesses play a major role in the U.S. economy. The SBA reports that there are over twenty-seven million small businesses in our country and represent approximately 50 percent of our gross domestic product. The millions of entrepreneurs who have started businesses in our country have had a major impact on the business world, as we know it today. To learn more about it visit here