May 11th, 2018

Am I really pregnant?

It is possible to have a negative test at home and still possibly be pregnant. The best way to confirm your pregnancy is to have a medical quality pregnancy test. First Coast Women’s Services is a faith-based not-for-profit organization that provides free-of-charge pregnancy testing. If you are within our guidelines a fast, free and confidential ultrasound may be performed. To Learn more about them visit here

Agilecrm: The Right Choice For Sales And Marketing Automation For Small Businesses

When it comes to choosing the best CRM for your business, this process can become a very confusing journey for most businesses owners. The right CRM not only supports sales but also assists in driving efficiency and marketing automation. Many small business owners struggle by either not taking enough time to find and implement a CRM + Sales & Marketing automation software into their business or they just work without one with important client information spread across multiple systems. To learn more about Agilecrm visit here

Streamlining the Boat Transport Process

When you are ready to transport your boat from one location to the next, you may think the process is as easy as hiring a company and not worrying about it again. The process can become overwhelming and rather complicated right away if you do not have a few steps in place first. The key to remember here is your goal – get your boat transported safely at the timeline you need. To make boat transport easier, be sure you find the right company and iron out the details to the contract for the process.

What to Consider Before You Agree on a Contract

There are various things to plan for during the boat transport process. First, realize the more flexibility you can offer in the timeline, the more options you have. More so, options are important. You want to be sure the boat makes it there in good condition. Boats are valuable items and having a shipper you can depend on really does matter. Look for a company with a proven track record.

Then, compare the options in contracts between more than one available provider. For example, how much built in extra time is in the contract? What steps does the company take to minimize damage? What specific method will be used to transport your boat (over water, land, or a combination)? The more information you need, the easier it will be to find a boat transporter you can depend on for this process.

Do not rush the process. The good news is you can receive quotes from multiple companies offer boat transport and then use them to compare your options. Most of the time, these professionals specialize in this service. That makes it possible for them to provide customized solutions to fit just about any need you may have.

Are you inside the circle or out?

In today’s “excess capacity” economy, potential buyers have more choices then ever. Lauterback Marketing has worked with over 100 NY & NJ small businesses of all types over the last 10-years. We can create a sustainable business development process for any business. Visit

What is Product Liability?

Although technology has advanced at a nearly unimaginable rate during the last century, new developments are not without their flaws. Both asbestos and lead paint were once prized for their effectiveness and low cost; now, scientists know that there are connections between exposure to these substances and serious or deadly illnesses. When a consumer is injured or killed by a defective or dangerous product, from over-the-counter supplements to toaster ovens, this can give rise to a personal injury claim alleging product liability. To learn more about product liability click here

Trade Show Planning Timeline

A successful trade show requires a methodical plan, and a detailed timeline is an effective and efficient way to organize the process. While it's ideal to start about 12 months before the date of the trade show to ensure that you have plenty of time to accommodate for the unexpected, you may not always have that option. To learn more about details trade show planning timeline, visit here

Hiring an Inflight Nurse Makes Elderly Travel Easier

If your parents are hurt on vacation and they need to get home for treatment or if they’ve already received treatment and are now in recovery, then they might not be up to boarding a plane and enduring hours-long transatlantic flights alone just yet. visit to know more