March 23rd, 2018

Guitar, Bass & Ukulele lessons Moscow, ID | Learn to Play Guitar - Moscow Music Academy

You are looking for Guitar, Bass or Ukulele Lessons you are at the right place. We have lessons for children, teenagers and adults. We teach all levels. Beginners are welcome! Learn to play the style of music that interests you. It can be anything from Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran to Led Zeppelin. Students can choose from many styles of music.

Piano Lessons Mississauga ON | Piano Teacher | Learn to Play Piano & Keyboard

Our piano teachers teach a variety of styles from classical to popular music. Whether you want to learn Bach or Alicia Keys, our teachers are happy to help you become the pianist you want to be. A simple full size electronic keyboard will suffice for the first 6 months. Our piano teachers have warm personalities and enjoy sharing their love for the piano with you.

Protecting Your Eyes During Holiday Travel

When planning activities during holiday travel, your eyes are probably among the last things you worry about. Whether you’ve got perfect 20/20 vision, or you desperately need corrective measures, it’s important to take steps to keep your eyes healthy during any type of vacation. Snowy slopes and sandy beaches each pose their own dangers to your eyes, along with cozy days spent at home. Follow these tips while you’re relaxing to make sure you come back home with your eyes in great condition. To learn more about it visit here:

Naltrexone-Assisted Detox vs Buprenorphine Taper for Opioid Dependence

In a randomized controlled trial conducted by researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute & Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. To learn more at

The 11 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs a Man

You ended a relationship months or even a year or two ago. Here’s some tips to knowing the difference between dating men and boys. This can save you a lot of heartache so you won’t make the same mistakes:

Patient-centered Approach to GCS

The decision to have gender confirmation surgery (GCS) is a very personal, private matter, and not all transwomen will elect to undergo this procedure.International Center for Transgender Care knows that each patient has her own unique needs and expectations, which is why we take an individualized, patient-centered approach to gender transition services. Know more at

Black Diamond Rings – Why Are They So Popular?

Black diamond rings have become quite popular in the fashion industry. They are getting a lot of attention of the diamond jewelry enthusiasts. A black diamond ring is eye catching even without the sparkle of the white diamonds but if you mix it up, for example center large black diamond ring and around it smaller white diamonds it will look really unique and classy. To learn more about black diamond rings visit here

Christian Dating Advice: Five Strategies for Christian Singles

There is one common concern felt among Christian singles looking to find lifelong love. They feel that their spiritual beliefs can make it difficult for them to find love. Here are here’s five strategies for Christian singles.