January 11th, 2018

What's better? New Construction vs Resale

As you drive around Metro Atlanta during the weekend, you can't help but notice new neighborhood signs at every corner. So what's ultimately the better buy...a brand new home or a resale? This is the most frequently asked question these days, so here is some professional help on it https://www.thewistrickteam.com/single-post/2017/07/10/Whats-better-New-Construction-vs-Re-sale


Enhanced Aesthetics With Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Keeping industrial floors in top condition is critical to business operations. Damage to industrial floors not only makes the space unappealing to employees but also makes the environment extremely unsafe. Facility managers rely on industrial epoxy floor coating applications to maintain good floor conditions. Here are a few simple but effective tips in implementing industrial epoxy floor coating application projects: https://granitegaragefloors.com/commercial-industrial-epoxy-flooring-contractors/


Best Food and Beverage Supply Chain Solution

Food is a business in which it’s critical to deliver the right product at the right time in the right portion. You’re in a make-to-stock business, and your customers expect the product to be available exactly when they want it. A software helps manage this better, learn how here http://www.demandsolutions.com/industry-food-beverage-software-supply-chain-planning.html


Why is It Essential to Consult a Public Adjuster

Have you Suffered a Loss Due to Fire, Flood, Natural Disaster, etc.? Your Insurance Company's Adjuster can handle the claim, but your policy requires that you prove the value of your loss. If you do not have the expert leadership of a public adjusting firm you may end up accepting a settlement that is actually far less than the loss you have suffered. Learn more here


Calculating the Value and ROI from Your Show

Attending industry trade shows can be an excellent way to branch out, find new leads, and improve your company's brand recognition. At the same time, trade shows can be costly to attend—especially when you factor in the costs of travel, exhibit display, marketing, and everything in between. For this reason, all businesses should calculate value and ROI of every trade show they attend. To know more details, click here: http://www.nimloknyc.com/blog/calculating-the-value-and-roi-from-your-show