December 31st, 2013

Fun and Simple Wedding Accessories

When you're planning the guest seating area, one simple way to make sure that everyone gets were they need to be is by using customized place cards. If you want your designs to really stand out, you could use a number of different labels to add your guest's names. Try customizing wine labels and adding them to the cards. This can give them an elegant look, and make the event really unique.

The Benefits of a Single Handled Blanco Faucet

Finding a new faucet for your kitchen can be tough, especially if you don't know exactly which faucet you're looking for. Choosing a very stylish faucet with numerous design options may seem appealing when it comes to building your dream kitchen, but if you don't keep practicality in mind then you could end up with a faucet that you don’t like. Finding the perfect kitchen faucet comes down to a fine balance of choosing style and practicality. Blanco faucets can give both for prices that you can afford.

Things to Look For When Choosing Your Grow Light

If you choose LED plant grow lights as your grow lights of choice, you should look out for how many LED's are present. If you have a small greenhouse with the plants spaced far apart, then you may not need an overbearing light with 1000 LED's.  A small grow light would suffice, as long as it has both red and blue lights to support plant growth.

The History and Benefits of Whipped Shea Butter

Whipped shea butter is removed from shea nuts that are collected and then parboiled. They are then dried to enhance their shelf life. The butter is collected by crushing the nut and the butter is then refined. The most appealing shea butter products have a golden color and many people enjoy the almost smoky natural scent of the shea nut.

The Benefits of African Shea Butter

African shea butter comes from the Shea-Karite tree nut. It is a natural product that comes in many different forms including refined and unrefined. Refined shea butter has undergone further processing lessening its effectiveness. Many people do not like the smell of unrefined she butter which is one of the reasons many products are refined.