August 17th, 2013

The Benefits of All-Natural Moisturising Lotion

Some of the best all-natural products used for making moisturising lotion include cocoa butter, plum, ginseng, alpha hydroxyl fruit acid from grapes, Shea butter, strawberry, liquorice, green tea and aloe vera. Using these all-natural moisturisers will give you soft and silky skin, improve ph balance and help your skin retain moisture to stay healthy and look younger.

How to Protect your Lips from Becoming Chapped

You lips also do not have the natural oil producing glands that are present in places like your palms or the soles of your feet, so this also contributes to dry lips. Using a natural lip balm can protect your lips when you will be exposed to extreme weather and can also promote healing by restoring moisture if your lips are already chapped.

Long Lasting Makeup Products for Your Special Occasions

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