July 6th, 2013

Know Your Legal Rights When It Comes to DUI


Consult with a DUI attorney as soon as possible so he can review your case. It may be possible to get the case dismissed or to get portions of the evidence against you thrown out of court, but neither of those things can happen without the expertise of an experienced DUI attorney in St. Johns County.

Disproving Paternity


when a woman is seeking child support payments from the father of her child, she will seek the services of a family law attorney in St. Augustine in order to establish paternity and then pursue the child support to which she is due. Because fathers do not always step up to the plate when it comes to assuming parental and financial responsibility for their children, public perception often tends to favor moms who are trying to get “deadbeat dads” to pay their fair share of the expenses involved in raising a child.

St. Augustine Woman Sustains Serious Personal Injury in Multi-Vehicle Wreck


When you first contact a personal injury attorney in St. Augustine, he will review your case and discuss the details of the accident with you. One of the things that your personal injury attorney will want to determine is whether or not any third parties were involved who may bear some responsibility for your injuries.

A Criminal Conviction Can Devastate Your Future


If you have been arrested in St. Augustine, a criminal lawyer will be your best line of defense. At the Law Firm of Mowrey, Shoemaker, and Beardsley, we are committed to providing you with the best defense available in order to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in your case. When you need aggressive representation to uphold your rights, contact the attorneys at Mowrey, Shoemaker, and Beardsley at 904.824.5711 or visit online at http://www.ancientcitylaw.com/.

A Kinder, Gentler Divorce? It Can Happen.


When you require the services of a St. Augustine divorce attorney, you can rely on the experienced and knowledgeable help available from Mowrey, Shoemaker, and Beardsley. We can assist in negotiating resolution and will also provide assertive representation when that is the best course of action to protect your rights and uphold your interests. For all of your family law needs, contact the attorneys at Mowrey, Shoemaker, and Beardsley at 904.824.5711 or visit online at www.ancientcitylaw.com.

When You’ve Been Charged with a Crime, Don’t Try to Go it Alone


Contact Mowrey, Shoemaker, and Beardsley as soon after your arrest as possible when you need a criminal defense attorney in St. Johns County. The knowledgeable attorneys at Mowrey, Shoemaker, and Beardsley have experience with cases similar to yours and will work assiduously to obtain a favorable outcome. Contact the attorneys at Mowrey, Shoemaker, and Beardsley at 904.824.5711 or visit online at www.ancientcitylaw.com.

When to consult a lawyer?


There is only a certain amount of time available to you to pursue a personal injury claim relating to say a road traffic accident or injury at work. After this deadline you will not be able to put forward a claim for compensation. There are a number of Flagler County based personal injury lawyers on hand to offer you the expert advice and assistance that you require in situations such as these.