May 25th, 2013

Working with Gold Buyers

Are you looking for someone willing to buy gold in Dallas? The Diamond Broker may specialize in selling a wide range of diamond products, but we also have the benefit of buying jewelry of all varieties. In addition to selling gold, you can also come to us if you want to sell silver or unwanted diamonds. Call 972-490-6060 or visit to learn more.

Understanding the Four Cs

Dallas jewelers should be highly knowledgeable on the subject of diamond pricing. The Diamond Broker fully understands and abides by the guidelines associated with the four Cs of diamond evaluation. We know what makes each gem special and promise to deliver on all of our claims in order to give you the best products available. Call 972-490-6060 or visit to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions – Jewelry Buyers

While you are typically better off selling intact objects, it is important to remember that new products can be fashioned out of the materials used to make older ones. A broken diamond ring can still be put to good use, so most experienced jewelery buyers in Dallas will probably not discriminate if you approach them with such an item. Unfortunately, this is where you will have to do a bit of shopping around, as the specifics vary from business to business. In most cases, a buyer will explicitly list their terms on their own website, so simply prepare yourself for a bit of reading and you will have relatively little to worry about in most cases.

What is Sports Medicine and What Do San Antonio Sports Medicine Specialists Do?

San Antonio Sports Medicine - Whether you’re suffering from an ankle, knee or hip injury or require complete spine rehabilitation, Foundation Physical Therapy can help. They offer numerous safe and effective physical therapy methods at their San Antonio practice. For more information about Foundation Physical Therapy and how they can help you, visit

Orthopedic Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

Everyone suffers from a sport injury at one time or another, whether you’re a novice or trained athlete. Orthopedic physical therapy San Antonio can help maximize your physical function, allowing you to reach your star potential. Learn more about orthopedics and how it can aid in your physical health.

San Antonio Back Pain Specialists Use Effective Methods of Physical Therapy

San Antonio back pain specialists know what exercises can be beneficial in the treatment of certain back conditions. Low-impact aerobic exercises, such as walking and swimming, can help strengthen muscles in the back and abdomen without straining the muscles.